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July 19, 2019
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Preparing an essay has never been an easy task unless you are passionate about writing, brainstorming or researching. A lot of students find it difficult to get started and one of the most difficult part is getting the right title for the essay. The moment you know that title or topic, you have won half of the battle. It’s not really easy to come up with a striking title, you might be able to research the body of the essay but being able to come up with a good topic is where the problem comes in.

We have put together some great essay topics that you can use to prepare an essay.

That day the world was right

All of us have memories of that very moment when things felt right in the world. You should think of what happened that day and why it was the happiest time ever experienced. The topic is fantastic because it will keep people in suspense to find out what really happened.

Your greatest fears

The way happy feelings bring a lot of great emotion to your writing, so it does with other emotions. Fear is such a powerful thing for most people and being anxious can bring out the best in us. The question is: What is your biggest fear? It could be anything from spiders to the fear of failure. Whatever s the case, you can write a detailed essay about how you became such fears and the effect of year fears on your life.

If you could turn back the hands of time, what would you do differently?


Many of us make lots of mistakes and we have regrets as a result. There must be something in your life you wish you had done it in a different way. You can write your essay about these things, talk about how your initial choice affected your life and what you did differently to change the situation. Though it has not been proven that time machines exist, it can be fun trying to imagine that it did.


Your essay topic or title has to be related to what you write on, to make writing easy. Your instructor or professor will be able to relate with you if the essay is made up of raw emotions. The topic suggestions above will help bring out the best writing in you, since you are telling your own story. Avoid writing a generic essay, go into details by focusing on specific time and place. These are the best essay topics you should consider when writing your essay. The reason is that the flow and writing will come naturally.

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