Top 3 Ways to Avoid Plagiarism

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August 13, 2019
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Academic plagiarism ranges from copying an original content to actually referring to someone’s work or ideas without giving proper credit. That is why plagiarism can be considered to be unintentional if the references or the ideas are copied without providing any kind of credibility. One proven method of avoiding plagiarism is to basically plan out all your work carefully and at the same time understand the basic source materials as well and also acknowledge your own original ideas. What you need to do is basically understand all the citation rules and make sure you understand all you need to know about citation and sources.

Method 1 – Make use of the citation system

 1. You can choose the citation system to basically determine which one is important to use

So, it is very important in order to further cite all the references that you use in the writing and you will have to also use this unique style. All you have to do is basically ask your instructor to know what the style is all about.

Method 2 – Attribute sourced content properly

 1. You need to acknowledge the source

– It is important to actually determine a source and at the same time repeat the major part from the proper way in order to make an exact quotation and this is because they usually borrow the precise wording from that unique text to further support a point or idea. When adding the quotation to the text, what you have to do is determine who the author is and also the publication precisely. Clearly discuss your intention as well and also involve the quote in quotation marks without any changes

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Method 3 – Drafting the unique content

1. Do not use people to write for you

It is a plagiarized paper if someone else does the writing for you and then pass it as their own. This should only happen if you pay for those writing services. If you want to someone to actually write based on the note and ideas then you should create your own or cite any of your friends as the co-author.

2. Obtain Permission allowance to cite

It is important to cite material that you obtain from classes or publications and for that you do need to obtain permission at the same time. If your publisher actually agrees that you can make use of the material in your assignment then you need to cite your work on your own and obtain a copy and also submit it with the very text. Avoid borrowing materials from others that much because it could affect your credibility as a writer.Ensure you do not submit  work that has been submitted already.

3. Do not copy other author’s work

So, if you make use of the reliable sources then you won’t have to actually cite any kind of sources to be used further in order to be read and believed. You have to basically cite your author’s work but that doesn’t mean you have to always use the format .

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