Guide on how to Structure a Dissertation

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July 8, 2019
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July 15, 2019

An important question in the minds of students and the professionals is what is the appropriate structure of a dissertation. Typically, a dissertation has several important chapters with valuable information about a particular subject matter. Your dissertation has to be properly structured. Following the approval of your research proposal by a professor, you should focus on putting in sufficient preparation for the dissertation. That is why it is recommended to look for best dissertation assignment writing help, if you are unable to deliver on your own. Generally, a dissertation will have 5-6 chapters. The chapters are shown below:

  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Chapter 2: Literature Review
  • Chapter 3: Research Methodology
  • Chapter 4: Data Analysis and Interpretation
  • Chapter 5: Conclusion and recommendations
  • Chapter 6: Reflective report (not mandatory)

It is important to note here that a dissertation should have a proper title in line with your research topic. You should also add an abstract and acknowledgement. The two ought to be placed just after the Title. The abstract means a brief or a synopsis of the overall dissertation. Suppose someone assists you in conducting the research successfully, you can acknowledge it in the acknowledgements section.  It is possible you have used the help of librarians, teachers, supervisors, professors or colleagues in carrying out the research work. You equally need to provide a table of contents.

Introduction : This is used for the introduction of the research topic. This chapter will provide a summarized introduction of the background of the study. Then you go on to write about the reason for the study. The rationale of the study contains certain questions about the purpose of the research. This is the chapter you use to discuss the aim, objectives and hypothesis of the research study. Do not forget to mention the research questions.

Literature review: In the literature review section, you will talk about  relevant theories and models. Do well to discuss a few other previous research journals in order to clarify the concept and nature of the research topic. Note that you have to explain the relationship and the gap between the previous research journals and the present research work.

 Research methodology: In this chapter, you are expected to discuss all the methods and techniques you have employed in order to carry out the research successfully.  You should talk about the research philosophy, research design, research approach, data analysis method, data collection method, research limitations, ethical considerations etc. You equally have to explain why you selected these research methods, tools and techniques.

Data analysis and interpretation: In the data analysis and interpretation chapter, you are expected to analyse the data and information which was collated from a survey or an interview. Such data you can present through graphs, charts and tables. It is also important to critically evaluate the data and information of the respondents.

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Conclusion and recommendation: In this section, you have to arrive at a conclusion and pen down your own recommendations which can be used by  individuals to sort out the encountered issues relevant to the research idea. You should also include the future scope of the study in this section.

Reflective report: Sometimes a dissertation possesses a reflective report which depicts your own reflection about the research. At last you need to provide the reference list and appendix.

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